VIN: BN4L040778

Year: 1957

Make: Austin Healey

Model: 100-6

Body Style: Two-door

Original color: Lime green and cream

Car last seen: 1963

Contact:, or 617-510-0201

Comments: "Thanks for setting up this site."

Submitted: January 13, 2008


VIN: 138996

Year: 1954

Make: Austin Healey

Model: 100-4

Body Style: Convertible

Original color: Healey Blue

Car last seen: Milan, Mich.

Person sold to: Gene Kwiatkowski


Comments: "This is a classic vintage vehicle. Body # JM 4222-51. Engine # B139038. This car is 27th ever produced. Only 6 are known to exist that are earlier."

Submitted: March 21, 2004

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