VIN: (No VIN submitted)

Year: 1980

Make: Jeep

Model: CJ-7

Body Style: Two-door

Original color: Garnet Red

Vehicle options: Laredo Package

Car last seen: 1993, in Algonquin, Ill.

Person sold to: Last name: Kurek (Lake in the Hills, Ill.)


Comments: "Jeep was in very good condition back in 1993. I decided to get rid of it for a newer model and it has haunted me ever since. Jeep had lots of chrome and all the stuff that came with the Laredo package. Was an automatic, 258 CID six cylinder, A/C. I had a hardtop put on with doors painted to match. They didnt match 100 percent. Also, it had a hot pink Grant steering wheel. Unique hoop step on drivers side. Very interested in what happened to her. I have the license plate # (Illinois #XX9069) but not the VIN. Anyone who could help me with a search please feel free to contact me. Thanks."

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Submitted: February 8, 2008


VIN: J7F83AA107047

Year: 1977

Make: Jeep

Model: CJ-5

Body Style: Four-door

Original color: Black

Car last seen: 1977, in Kansas

Person sold to: Jeff Swayze


Submitted: September 5, 2005

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